Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane

Release Date: January 15, 2002
Label: Inside Out Music

Anybody who has discussed music with me in any reasonable portion knows that one of my favorite bands is Pain of Salvation.  Pain of Salvation, led by Daniel Gildenlow, together with Johan Hallgren, Fredrik Hermansson, and, at the time of this release, Kristoffer Gildenlow and Johan Langell, are a progressive metal outfit from Eskiltuna, Sweden.  They have a history of melodramatic vocals, syncopated rhythms, dynamics, and concept albums.

 Remedy Lane is Pain of Salvation's fourth, and greatest, album.  It is about a man's journey to discover himself, and is considered to be Gildenlow's most personal work.  Many of the songs are written from his own personal experience, rather than being mere observations of the world at large.

Lyrically, Remedy Lane contains some of Gildenlow's best work.  "A Trace of Blood" is about the time his wife miscarried their first child, and is one of the most heartfelt heavy metal tracks I've heard.  "This Heart Of Mine" was a love song he wrote for his wife.  "Rope Ends," which has a little bit of dark humor in its use of "Winnie the Pooh" characters in the imagery, was apparently inspired by his wife's friend's suicide attempt.

1Of Two Beginnings2:23
Chapter I
2Ending Theme4:59
4A Trace of Blood8:17
5This Heart of Mine (I Pledge)4:00
Chapter II
7Rope Ends7:02
8Chain Sling3:58
9Dryad of the Woods4:56
Chapter III
10Remedy Lane2:15
11Waking Every God5:19
12Second Love4:21
13Beyond the Pale9:56 

Musically, Remedy Lane is about as good as progressive metal can get.  It is technical, but not over the top.  It has two ballads, in "This Heart Of Mine" and "Second Love."  It has beautiful harmonies in the choruses.  One of my favorite tracks, "Rope Ends,"  starts off with a heavy, choppy power chord rhythm, flows into a smoother, faster bridge, and a slower chorus; the instrumental section breaks down into a syncopated guitar-and-keyboard part, feeds into an interesting section in 7/8 time, and a pretty good guitar solo.

If you're not familiar with progressive metal, this is a great place to start.  If you are, and you haven't heard this... What is wrong with you?



  1. I feel like I've discussed music with you... But I've never even heard of Pain of Salvation. How sad is that?

  2. You've probably never played it in the car before. That's probably why.