Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Record Store Day!

So, today is Record Store Day.  How did you celebrate?

I celebrated first at Stinkweeds in Phoenix.  We made it to the 9AM opening and subsequent frenzy.  I didn't really have much of an idea what I was going to buy...there were several items on the list that looked good, but nothing I absolutely had to have.

Impulse Buy #1: Grateful Dead
Along the wall, I saw a 12" album by Grateful Dead.  I hefted it and saw that it was their self-titled first album in the original mono mix, and decided, what the heck, I'll pick it up.  Out of all the 12" records I picked up, I am least impressed with the packaging here.  It's a simple slip case, but the cardboard is slightly warped and a very tight fit.

Impulse Buy #2: Foo Fighters - Medium Rare
I'm not sure where this material comes from, but it's all covers by the Foo Fighters.  I have heard a Foo Fighters cover of "Have A Cigar" before, which I liked, and I'm assuming it's the same version that is included here.  Also included is "Band On The Run."  I'm excited to see how this one turns out.

Impulse Buy #3: Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling, and The Dharahar Project
I've already reviewed this album.  I decided it would be cool to have it on 10" vinyl.  I guess I was planning on getting this one going in, so it's not such an impulse buy.

I then wandered over to the other side, where the 7" vinyls were located.

Impulse Buy #4: Opeth - The Throat of Winter
I figured it'd be cool to have a new Opeth track.  I already have three of their albums with surround sound, so we might well see how Opeth in vinyl compares.  The B-side has no song, but it does have a cool etching of the Opeth logo.  It'd be even cool if they somehow managed to etch the logo in, and still have music.

Impulse Buy #5: Justin Townes Earle - Move Over Mama
I already have the A-side from Harlem River Blues... Figured I might add another track.  Also comes with a sampler of bands I've never heard of.

Impulse Buy #6: Steve Earle - I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
Steve has a new album out by this title, but this track is not on that album.  Apparently it's a Hank Williams cover version.  This one is cool because it's on red vinyl.

Impulse Buy #7: The Flaming Lips box set
This is the biggest impulse buy.  I wasn't going to buy it because of the $125 price tag, but there were four copies staring right at me.  So I splurged.  I'm sure this is the one that will take me months to fully digest.

Impulse Buy #8-10: Nickel Creek's self titled album, This Side, and Why Should The Fire Die?
These are, of course, all three of Nickel Creek's albums, and until today, they were never available on vinyl.  This one is not RSD exclusive, but it is only available in indie stores until the beginning of June.  I figured I might as well pick them up, since I'll eventually get them anyways, and I have a man crush on Chris Thile.  I am very impressed with the packaging here; they're all double vinyls in beautiful gateful sleeves.

After this $300 plunge, a few of us headed over to Hoodlums in Tempe for their 10AM opening.  Surprisingly, this place was actually more crowded than Stinkweeds.  I did pick out a two used Waylon Jennings albums, two used Willie Nelson albums, the new Paul Simon, and The Head And The Heart, and was ready to spring for them, but by then, the line was already to the back of the store.  So I figured I'll pick them up next time I'm there, which will be Wednesday, for Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers' in-store performance.

Next, we headed to Zia in Chandler.  I picked up a copy of The Dodos' Time To Die, and they gave me a bunch of promo crap, a shirt, and a pint glass for $5 extra.

Now for the promo stuff... This was a haul in itself:
Black Bell Records sampler on white vinyl
Elton John - Hey Ahab b/w Leon Russell - If It Wasn't For Bad 7"
"Le Disquare Day" French region music sampler CD
Leonard Cohen classic album reissues sampler CD
Burn Down Tempo - Slowgaze hand-numbered CD (#100/100)
Let It In The Attic Records 2010 sampler CD
Select-O-Hits sampler CD
Mobroder - Rush (the remixes) CD (no clue what this is)
Zia Record Exchange local music compilation vol. 5 CD
Sub Pop "Please Enjoy Terminal Sales Vol. 4" sampler CD (this one is actually pretty cool)
New West Records All Stars & Rookies 2011 sampler CD
Last Gang Records 2011 Sampler CD
Gospel Claws debut album digital download
A used Third Eye Blind CD (it's a nice gesture, but this one might find its way to the garbage if nobody wants it)

That's a lot of free stuff.

Here's a photo.  Unfortunately, I forgot to put the pile of sampler CDs in there, and I'm too lazy to do a new photo.


  1. Best record store day ever. I think RSD needs to be a semi-annual event.

  2. Spending $300 in one day on vinyl should probably remain a one year occurrence...

    Actually, you're right, I'd be totally cool with semi-annual. They did do Record Store Day Black Friday last year, but I don't know that I'd have even bought any of those releases: