Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Visit to Bookmans

I like to visit new purveyors of vinyl records.  I've already perused the selections at StinkweedsHoodlumsZia, and Rockzone.  Today I decided check out Bookmans in Mesa.

Cool store.  Lots of books, an electronics section, games and puzzles, CDs, and, of course, vinyl records.  I found their selection to be OK, with a few things I haven't seen elsewhere.  The condition of the records seems to be pretty good in general.  They did tend to be a little on the expensive side, with most of the used records going for $4-$6 (rather than the $3 most records sell for at Hoodlums and Zia).

The first record I picked out was King Crimson's Beat.  This is the second album by the band's 80s lineup, and the only King Crimson album I have never owned in some form or other (I have owned some King Crimson albums in multiple forms).  It was selling for $6, but I went for it anyhow.

Next, I looked for Neil Young records, as I am wont to do whenever I visit a record store.  They had Re-Ac-Tor and Comes A Time, both for $6.  I initially picked up both, but decided to show some discipline, and kept only Comes A Time.

I proceeded to look for Creedence Clearwater Revival records, but all they had was the John Fogerty album Centerfield for $4.  I picked it up.

Next, I found Robert Plant's Pictures At Eleven.  I see this album at every single record store I ever visit, and usually multiple copies.  I bought it anyways.  We'll see if there's a reason everybody is apparently trying to get rid of theirs.

Finally, I decided to see if they had a copy of Paul Simon's Graceland.  They did.

For these five records, I paid $24 plus tax, which is a little more than I might pay at Hoodlums, but still reasonable.

I suspect I'll be paying more visits to Bookmans.  Especially considering how many Willie Nelson albums they had.

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