Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Billy Joel week!

If you're Facebook Friends™ with me, you'd know that yesterday morning I declared this week to be Billy Joel week.  That means that the only thing playing in my car this week will be Billy Joel.

I like themed weeks.  Back in the days when I used physical CDs in my car, I did these all the time.  Now that I use an external hard drive, I pretty much always have my whole music collection on shuffle.  Until I decided I can just load a flash drive with just one artist, and put that artist on shuffle... Hence, the re-inaugural artist week.

It has started off with a bang.  I've already heard some of my favorite Joel tunes, including "The Entertainer," "C'Etait Toi," "Leave A Tender Moment Alone," "The Stranger," and more.  On my way to work this morning, I was even treated to "Root Beer Rag!"

It should be noted that I only have eight Joel albums in my collection.  So I'll only be hearing tunes from Piano Man, Streetlife Serenade, The Stranger, 52nd Street, Glass Houses, The Nylon Curtain, An Innocent Man, and The Bridge (oh, how I'd like to add Turnstiles to my record collection!).

Just one day in, and I've already heard all of the following:
You're My Home
The Great Suburban Showdown
Root Beer Rag
The Entertainer
Last of the Big Time Spenders
The Stranger
She's Always A Woman
My Life
Half A Mile Away
Sometimes A Fantasy
All For Leyna
I Don't Want To Be Alone
C'Etait Toi
Where's The Orchestra?
Easy Money
The Longest Time
This Night
Uptown Girl
Careless Talk
Leave A Tender Moment Alone
Getting Closer

Does that make you want to join in, or what?

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