Sunday, September 18, 2011

#36: Billy Joel - Streetlife Serenade

Release Year: 1974

For some reason, Streetlife Serenade is my favorite Billy Joel album. It doesn't have his most memorable songs, or greatest, songs.  But it seems to me like it has the most soul.  Like it's his most coherent album.

The best song here, and maybe the biggest hit, is "The Entertainer," which was made in response to the record company editing his single "Piano Man," and thereby messing with his art.

Pretty much every song on this album is solid.  The two instrumentals - the thoroughly upbeat piano romp "Root Beer Rag," and the latin-tinged closer "The Mexican Connection" - are two of his best.  It has a few excellent ballads, my favorite being "Roberta."

If you're the "Greatest Hits" type of Billy Joel fan and want to check out one of his albums, this is the first I'd recommend.

Standout tracks:
  • The Entertainer
  • Roberta
  • Streetlife Serenader
  • Root Beer Rag 

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